XFiles_Shangela_PhotoMy lead story this week in Dallas Voice is about a naked chef’s sexy (and informative!) webseries, but it’s hardly to only exciting, gay thing going on on television this week.

Tonight on Fox, the rebooted miniseries of The X Files features an episode called “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” in which the FBI agents question Annabelle, an eyewitness. Annabelle is placed by Paris, Texas’ D.J. Pierce, aka Drag Racer drag queen alum Shangela, pictured. “I think writers are talking more chances with characters on TV, and that means more opportunities for diverse actors,” Pierce says. “To that I say, ‘Halleloo!'”

Over on ABC, the second season of the drama series American Crime — which is shot in Texas — is currently underway, address one crime per season and how it affects many people in its orbit. This season focuses on male-on-male rape. According to Andy Noble, artistic director of Houston’s NobleMotion Dance, “There is a big emphasis this season on tough and intimacy [and] dance is used to add to this discussion. I have never really seen dance used like this on network television before.”

This Wednesday’s episode includes a four-minute dance that includes two dancers from the Bruce Wood Dance Project, including its artistic director, Kimi Nikaidoh. The dance is a single shot, no edits.