Equality Texas is looking for people to share their stories. From the organization’s blog:

The LGBT community spans every race, religion, age, gender, ethnic group and geographic region; we are doctors, waiters, teachers and more. Chances are, we’re just about everywhere. And we need people to realize this: that we are them, that we are people. This tends to be forgotten in the political firestorms that so often surround our community. Legislators are not making laws regarding groups and organizations; they are making laws about individuals – about you (and me).

We need to introduce ourselves to the world. We need to have an individual – a person, a face, a story – for the world to see. We need to see you.

Starting today, Equality Texas will be collecting and sharing the stories of members of our LGBT community – including allies. Tell us about yourself: tell us about your childhood, how you came out, how you live today. Tell us what your dreams and failures are; share with us your most heartbreaking and heartwarming stories. Any kind of entry will be welcomed, be it an essay, a poem, a picture story or a video. You can submit anonymously or have your name and picture as big as our blog will allow.

To get the project started, Equality Texas communications intern Mason Fitch has posted his story. And below is a video submission Equality Texas received. To share your story, email Fitch at mason@equalitytexas.org.