LupeDallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez spoke at the Democratic National Convention at about 8 p.m. and preceded family members of fallen police officers.

She told her story: youngest of eight children. When she told her father she was going into law enforcement, he was mad at her because he had been beaten by police.

She talked about losing five officers in Dallas.

“I’ve been trying to make some sort of sense out of it,” she said.

She said the only way to serve your community is to know your community.

While she wasn’t introduced as our lesbian sheriff, she mentioned her girlfriend in the speech. After the Dallas police murders, she and her girlfriend were at a restaurant. When she went to pay the bill, she said four other tables in the restaurant had offered to pay their bill, even though she knew no one there. But that’s been the reaction to the police shootings in Dallas.

At the end of the speech, she led the hall in a moment of silence and then introduced family members of fallen officers.

Watch the video here.