Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced he would seek reelection and named Ted Nugent as his campaign chairman. No really. Ted Nugent.

This is what Miller lists among his achievements:

“He fought back against Michelle Obama’s left-wing, feel-good nutrition nonsense that created healthy trashcans instead of healthy kids. Instead, he created Farm Fresh Fridays to connect Texas farmers with Texas schools so our kids get more local produce in the lunchroom.”

Really. That’s in the announcement letter he sent me.

And rather than reaching out the day after conservatives were clobbered in elections around the country, Miller listed some of the worst of the worst as his supporters in his reelection announcement:

Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values Action (who became a right wing anti-LGBT activist when his wife left him for a woman)

Jim and Elizabeth Graham of Texas Right to Life (because abortion)

Dr. Steve Hotze (Mayor Annise Parker’s arch nemesis and the money behind repealing the Houston equal rights amendment. When he came to Plano to try to get rid of that city’s ordinance, his illegally drafted petitions were thrown out)

Kelly Shakelford of First Liberty (“the largest legal firm in the nation dedicated exclusively to protecting religious freedom for all Americans” — unless your religious beliefs disagree with his)

— David Taffet