Mike Signorile talked to a number of gay voters who supported GOP candidates last week. He posted the video. It’s worth a listen to hear what those gay voters said — and how Mike responds:

The phones were jammed with people who voted GOP who wanted to offer their explanations for casting votes politicians like David Vitter in Louisiana, for Rand Paul in Kentucky, for Rick Scott in the governor’s race in Florida, and for various other, Senate, House and local races.

This clip includes a few of those calls, two from Kentucky and one from Maine, where the caller voted for Paul LePage, the Republican governor-elect who has actually floated that the Maine Human Rights Act — which gives basic anti-discrimination protection to gays — should to be revisited, in addition to be against marriage equality, which Maine could have been on the brink of voting in again (after voter rescinded the newly-passed law in a ballot measure) if Republicans didn’t take the statehouse and the governorship for the first time since 1964.

I took calls from GOP-voting gays for the full last hour of the show, devoting the time to them (the following day we took calls from those responding) and at the end of the show the lines were still fully lit and many callers could not get through at all.

Listen through to the end. You have to hear Ralph from Maine. Wow. He chose his checkbook over his civil rights — and admits it. (Good luck adopting that kid in Paul LePage’s Maine, Ralph.)