Graffiti similar the that found last week at the Interfaith Peace Chapel at Cathedral of Hope was found today on an abandoned shopping center on Denton Drive Cutoff across the street from Inwood Station. The building formerly housed the Resource Center Food Pantry but has been vacant for more than a year.

Instead of “kitty porn,” this graffiti says “child porn.” An address that is in the neighborhood is painted on the wall. That address wasn’t on the Cathedral of Hope graffiti. The phone number is the same, this time without the Shreveport area code and the name is written the same — Johntion (presumably for Jonathan) and Kimbrou (possibly for Kimbrough).

Because the graffiti is scrawled on an abandoned building, this may not have been a hate crime. The tagger might have simply been looking for a white wall to send a message about someone who he accuses of dealing in child and feline pornography. The phone number does belong to a Jonathan Kimbrough and there is a Jonathan Kimbrough in Acadia Parish jail in southern Louisiana. An elderly couple lives at the address written on the wall.

UPDATE: Chris Chism sent a picture taken a few days ago of similar graffiti taken on the wall of a storage unit building on Lemmon Avenue. Same phone number. Same reference to kitty porn. Tagging around the neighborhood makes this look less and less like a hate crime and more like someone who just doesn’t want his cats appearing in X-rated videos or has a vendetta against someone he thinks is distributing child porn.