Today, Australia’s Star Observer profiled out country singer Mary Gauthier and her latest release, The Foundling. They call the album her most personal to date which is a bold statement considering Gauthier’s past includes alcoholism, running away and a parent’s rejection. Heavy stuff for sure.

But I love her comment on playing “gay music.”

“I’m not interested in ‘gay music’ — what is that? I don’t just sing about ‘gay things’, ” she laughed.

She goes on then about not being gay enough for lesbian audiences which is hard to imagine, because lesbian audiences seem to be the most embracing of all. Maybe she can take baby steps by joining the renewed Lilith Fair.

Gauthier is touring throughout Australia right now and then back to the States in late spring. The above video is her February performance at the All Good Cafe last year. Just take your Dramamine while you watch. And if you want to bypass all the chatter, fast forward to the 6:10 mark.методы рекламы в интернетераскрутка сайта оплата по факту