This isn’t so much a review of Boys Do Babs — the Barbra Streisand tribute performed by members of the Turtle Creek Chorale on Saturday, Feb. 18 — as it is a suggestion.

And, by the way, I realize when Chorale Artistic Director Sean Baugh hears “a suggestion” from me, his reaction has to be, “Oh crap, what now?” Last time it resulted in my wedding.

This one’s simple. First: Boys Do Babs was so successful, it has to be followed up by Boys Do Bette. Second: It needs to run two consecutive Saturdays because Babs was a standing-room-only, standing-ovation hit.

The Turtle Creek Chorale hasn’t done anything like this in years. The event was a casual cabaret at 7 for Parties. Drinks. Mingling. A show that traced Streisand’s career from early TV and her Broadway shows to her movies and recording career. Paul Williams emceed with tongue firmly in cheek and then, just when you wondered what he had up his sleeve for the finale, he delivered a wonderful Judy Garland-Streisand duet with popular Chorale soloist Jodi Crawford Wright.

Eight-member Chorale group Camarata carried much of show, singing together and in solos and duets. Colby Geyer and Alvarho Ramalho’s duet of “Guilty” brought down the house. So did solos by Brian Scott Carey, Chris Doubet, Stephen Sanchez, Eric Ramsey and Daryl Curry.

Boys Do Babs was simply fun. Don’t let this be the last thing the Boys Do outside the concert hall. And don’t limit the number of people who can see it. Congratulations to Associate Conductor and Principal Accompanist Scott Ayers who did a wonderful job of putting the show together.

Photos courtesy Michael McGary.