Here’s the zany dialogue from Saturday Night Live‘s spoof of Amy Poehler imitating “Project Runway” champ, Christian Siriano.
Note to some cool mash-up DJ: Start mixing these lines into a fierce disco hit SOON!

Fierce: The Hot Mess Makeover Show

Christian Siriano: This jean jacket is a hot mess!
But these stir-up pants are fierce!
This turtleneck is tranny fierceness.

Stephanie: I don’t know what that means.

Christian: Fierce, tranny, you better work.

Stephanie: I’m sorry, I don’t … Do I? Do I look like a transvestite?

Announcer: “Watch as a young fashion phenom flat irons his hair and tells it like it is in his own private language.”

Christian: Tranny, tranny. Fierce, fierce, fierce. Tranny. Hot mess. Cute-tranny, cute tranny! Hot mess. Tranny, tranny fierce, no way! No… Fierce. No, hot mess.

Phone rings.

Hold on, tranny.

On phone

Hello. Hey, tranny. It’s tranny,

You’re a hot mess. Well, you’re a tranny. Well, you’re a hot tranny. Well, you’re a hot mess. Well, you are you, too. Bye.

Back to Stephanie:
Stephanie, I need to tell you something. You are a tranny who looks like a hot mess … And not in a good way. You’re a ticketty-tack tranny, hot mess, out of control, super-tranny from Transylvania, who is not apologizing for it.

Stephanie Is that good?

— Transcribed by Daniel A. Kusner

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