By Daniel A. Kusner – Life+Style Editor

HOPPING INTO TOWN: Bunny spins at Club One on Sunday.

Sure she’s filthy and funny. But Wigstock creator, DJ-for-hire and tasteless comedian Lady Bunny is an opinionated fireball, too.
Don’t let the false eyelashes and jokes about Clay Aiken’s condoms fool you. Bunny is a sharp and passionate commentator who keeps her Internet blog,, fresh with socio-political commentary.
Last Friday, while traveling by train from New York to Boston, Bunny got on her cell phone to get the word out about her turntable gig at Club One on Sunday. For her fans in Bid D, she also promises to get on the mike and unfurl her sidesplitting Holiday Medley standup routine.
“I can only do it once a year,” she coos in a Tennessee-flavored drawl.
What’s her spirit of Christmas like? Some bits include titles like, “Hark, the Harelipped Angel Sings,” “‘Twas the Night Before Kwanza,” “I Saw Daddy Fisting Santa Claus” and “All I Want for Christmas is a Pair of Tits.”
Coincidently, it was a holiday decorating experience that partially shaped Bunny’s acumen as a political watchdog. About 20 years ago, her dad, a Congregationalist who converted to Quakerism, hung a peace symbol made of Christmas lights on their garage door in Chattanooga.
“It caused a big scandal. All the neighbors criticized him and called him a hippie, which he was not,” she says. “So I guess that sunk in. I was never really interested in politics until I watched one of the buildings fall down on 9/11.”
So who are Bunny’s post-9/11 targets this week?
“In the last election, Republicans accused Democrats of not having a plan. And they’re right. Right now Hillary Clinton is speaking out against the burning of the American Flag, which doesn’t seem high on anyone’s priority list. Maybe it could be part of some Machiavellian strategy to seize the White House, but it sure makes Democrats seem spineless.
“And I have no access to CIA files or secret FBI dossiers. So that means I had no evidence that linked al Queda to Iraq. But how could I instinctively know there was no connection whatsoever? The Democratic senators who voted for the war still haven’t taken a stance against it. And the war is just wrong. We’re there for all the wrong reasons.”
As 2005 comes to a close, Bunny has elected her person of the year: Kanye West.
“Sure he’s an innovative producer and has a hit record, and blah blah blah. But when his album first came out, he denounced homophobia in rap community. He talked about his favorite cousin who was gay, which helped Kanye overcome his own homophobia. But then only a few weeks later, he appeared on that Hurricane Katrina benefit and said George Bush doesn’t care about black people. I burst into tears when I heard that. I just though, “‘Wow, the truth is going to be televised.’ And a little bit of it actually got out there.”
Club One, 3025 Main St.? Dec. 18 at 10 p.m. $15. 214-741 1111.


Looking for a nasty stocking stuffer? Lady Bunny just finished pressing her new DVD, “Rated X (For X-tra Retarded).” Relying heavily on toilet humor, Bunny collects some Wigstock bits, jokes from Comedy Central’s “Pam Anderson Roast” and her filthy homage to “Laugh-In.” It’s so offensive that you can’t buy it at a store. But Bunny will be selling them at her Dallas gig on Sunday. wifipirateзачем нужно наполнение сайтов статьями