This comedy goes dark

OK, it’s hard to actually beat how theater company Nouveau 47 describes their production of the Shakespeare comedy. But we are glad to see them rebound from snow-inflicted delays to get their show up and going.

“Measure for Measure combines the broadest of slapstick comedy with the darkest of sinister dealings. The so-called “problem play” runs the gamut of controversial issues, including politics, ethics, religion, violence and sex, and is crammed full of inspired plot twists and timeless ethical dilemmas that speak as much to 21st century America as they did to Shakespeare’s sixteenth-century English culture.

In Nouveau 47’s production, director Tom Parr plants the characters into Bedlam – a world full of misfits, lunatics and madmen, and the officials who must attempt to control them. But what happens when the officials can no longer be trusted? What happens when religion, sex and politics collide? When you can’t tell the difference between the inmates and the officials – who is really running the asylum?”

DEETS: Nouveau 47 Theatre, 1121 First Ave.8 p.m. Through Feb. 27. $15–$20.