Councilwoman Angela Hunt, shown front and center on the float, says 13 of 15 councilmembers showed up for Sunday's Pride parade.
Angela Hunt, shown standing on the float (in the Capri shorts), said she was among 13 of 15 councilmembers who showed up for Sunday’s Pride parade.

I was in the street taking photos when the float with Dallas city councilmembers on it sped by during Sunday’s Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade, so I didn’t get a chance to confirm who was or wasn’t on it. As I reported previously, all councilmembers with the exception of District 5’s Vonciel Jones Hill had agreed to appear in the parade this year, which would’ve been a record — 14 of 15. But Councilwoman Angela Hunt told me this morning that in addition to Hill, there was one no-show: District 7’s Carolyn Davis.

I’ve left a message with Davis’ office, but as one city official whom I won’t name put it, “good luck getting her to call you back” — not because we’re the gay paper, but because she’s just not good about returning phone calls in general.

Anyhow, mayor’s chief of staff Chris Heinbaugh confirmed for me again this morning that Davis had agreed to appear in the parade. Heinbaugh said he’d even delivered a map of the parade area to Davis’ office so she would know where to go. But apparently Davis either got lost anyway or simply decided not to come. Who knows, maybe she was sick. Or maybe, just maybe, she was in Belize.

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