The political season is in full passion.

The partisan troops are cocked and loaded, ready to fire, intent on dispatching whoever or whatever obstructs their path to electoral victory.

Few institutions rile these egalitarian passions more than the press. LGBT press included. Over the past few weeks Dallas Voice has been slammed for “fawning over Hillary.” Indicted over our “contempt for Hillary.” “Hypocrisy” for accepting an ad from Obama. Berated for giving “way too much coverage” to Log Cabin Republicans.

Our letters tell us that we have “abandoned fair and balanced” coverage of the candidates and are now engaged in “erroneous election returns reporting.” We are “lame and arrogant.”

My reflexive response is to defend the paper. My head instructs me not to even try. I’ve learned. To engage in that kind of point-by-point, story-by-story dialogue on political coverage seldom changes opinions and frequently only reinforces the view that some pre-determined bias guides our coverage.

Suffice to say, every word carries meaning, weight, nuance and we are involved in the business of words. To try and tell a reader what that nuance should be to him or her, Democrat or Republican, only enlarges the target on my back.

Besides, I’m too busy ducking for cover.

— Robert Moore

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