The company is looking to sell its flagship store on Maple Avenue and move to a smaller location in Dallas, The Morning News reports. The flagship store is an Oak Lawn institution, but personally I’ve been avoiding it ever since they invited George W. Bush to be a greeter. The DMN reports:

Known for its customer service and supply of specialty items such as hard to find screws and bolts, Elliott’s continues to operate up against the big boxes that invaded its neighborhood. It’s part of a hardware store buying co-op that allows it to have competitive prices.

Still, Home Depot and Lowe’s have cut into their business, Ted Eyck acknowledged. Home Depot moved into the Love Field area on Lemmon Avenue in 1997, and Lowe’s opened across from Home Depot in 2007. Both are just a mile and a half away from Elliott’s.

Elliott’s was founded in 1947 and moved to its current location at 4901 Maple in 1984 from its original location a few blocks away at 5308 Maple.

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