LGBT representatives from the Clinton and Obama campaigns reportedly will be in the Rose Room at Station 4 next Monday, Feb. 25, for a free event sponsored by National Stonewall Democrats. This is according to Jesse Garcia, president of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, who promises more details tomorrow. Also, Sue Wyll from Team Hillary sends word this afternoon that there will be a Clinton event at Station 4 on March 3, the day before the Texas primary. Wyll says there will be a host of entertainers who’ve been performing at similar rallies on the eves of primaries across the country. But she stresses that Hillary WILL NOT BE THERE. By the way, Obama is scheduled to be in Dallas on Wednesday, Feb. 20, but there’s still no word from his campaign as to where and when.

—John Wrightреклама на растяжкахобслуживание интернет сайта яндекс