By Jenny Block Contributing Writer

After hitching a bumpy ride on the party train, gay vocalist Steven Cralle rediscovers the magic of music


Steven Cralle says he was 14 before he realized he could sing.

“I grew up singing to myself. You know, musicals and stuff,” he laughs.

He sang in the church choir, majored in theater in college. After graduating, Cralle did everything, from Florida dinner theater to a tour of “Pal Joey” with Joel Grey. But then he began riding that old party train drugs and alcohol. By 1988, he wasn’t performing anymore.

Cralle moved to Dallas soon after, and it was only two years ago that he finally got clean and sober.

Last year, he decided he wanted to get back to music something he had left far behind.

“I thought, I’ll stay away from it long enough to get it out of my system. But you can never leave it once it’s a part of you. It’s who I am,” he explains.

So Cralle contacted Mark Carroll, a local Dallas producer, to see if he might be able to take a few singing lessons. But Cralle got a lot more than he bargained for.

Cralle says Carroll was impressed with his voice and suggested he start working on an album. And so for the last year, that’s exactly what Cralle’s been doing. He sings what is classified as cabaret.

“It’s Great American Songbook standards, timeless songs. Some of them were written in the ’40s for MGM stars. And they are done the same today as they were back then,” Cralle explains.

Now that the album’s done, Cralle’s celebrating with a release party on Friday.

“I’m clean and sober today, and this is a direct result of that,” he says. “I’m very proud.”

As for what the future holds, “Well,” he says. “I just want to sing for whoever will have me. But a record contract would be great too.”


There will be release party for Cralle’s new CD, “Steven Cralle Good Thing Going” at Buli Cafe, 3908 Cedar Springs Road. April 27 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, April 27, 2007. pr продвижение компаниииндексация яндекс