The Washington Times has become a joke. The paper should never have been taken seriously. It was the creation of a Korean cult leader who wanted a say in the conservative agenda. Conservatives gladly acquiesced. Now, it’s on the verge of collapse, facing an “involuntary bankruptcy.” But, the paper is still spewing it venom. And, the Washington Times has always hated the gay:

Pentagon officials have been pretending that they have not already made up their minds on this issue. Generals have issued blanket denials that the conclusions for the forthcoming working group report on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” have already been decided. It appears that as the White House rams its radical homosexual agenda through the military, too many generals and admirals are willing to sell their brothers in arms down the river if it means they can keep a shiny set of stars on their epaulets.

The destructive force unleashed by the Pentagon’s collaboration with the leftist agenda is apparent from the circus created when homosexual activists like Dan Choi sashayed over to the Times Square recruiting center to make a political point in the short period in which the Phillips order was effective. Leftists are only interested in political points and symbolism here. Providing defense to the nation in the most effective way possible is the furthest thing from their mind. Treating military recruitment primarily as a diversity issue opens up a closet full of absurdities. On what basis, then, would the military discriminate against the elderly? Why can’t grandpa become a paratrooper? Should the military not reject someone merely because he is handicapped? Why not a wheelchair-bound infantryman?

“Sashayed”? The thing speaks for itself. Yes, it’s blatant homophobia. It’s important to know what the other side’s warped arguments are. Cause we’ll be hearing a lot of this anti-gay rhetoric when the Pentagon report comes out and if DADT does come up in the lame duck.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the next gay-themed editorial from the Washington Times encourages anti-gay bullies.