Two Republican candidates for state district judge sought the endorsement of Houston’s gay political caucus but failed to get it, according to the The Houston Chronicle (which, and let me repeat this loud and clear, does a BETTER job of covering gay issues than The DMN). Anyhow, there is an interesting debate in the article about whether the decision to seek the endorsement will ultimately help or hurt the candidates:

Conservative commentator and publisher Terry Lowry said Wood and Davidson probably will lose conservatives’ votes. “The agenda of the gay caucus runs contrary to the pro-family, pro-life agenda,” Lowry said. “I will find it difficult to endorse any candidate who seeks the gay caucus endorsement.”

This is one aspect of the recent controversy involving State Rep. Dan Branch that’s worth mentioning. Branch undoubtedly feels that by reaching out to the LGBT community, he would risk losing support among social conservatives. In fact, he probably considered speaking at Log Cabin Republicans last week to be a somewhat dangerous move. This is true not only in terms of his constituents, but also in terms of the right-wing lobbyists who are helping to bankroll him. According to state records, Branch’s political action committee had more than $600,000 in cash on hand as of July 15. Branch’s opponent, Democrat Emil Reichstadt, had about $17,000.

In related news, and in another sign of just how far behind Texas is, Republicans in the New York State Assembly who bucked party leaders and voted to legalize same-sex marriage, are reaping the benefits. The New York Sun reports that the Republicans are seeing campaign contributions pour in from gay-rights groups across the nation.

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