Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

The debate on health care drags on but now we have the best reason to call our senators and representatives and encourage them to pass it immediately.

Rush Limbaugh said he will leave the country if the bill passes.

Limbaugh said he thought he might go to Costa Rica if we have health care reform in this country. Costa Rica, however, has universal health care.

Also, as DART decides whether or not it should be interfering in the personal life of its employees, Cuba has decided to include sex change operations in its universal health coverage. DART stopped a sex-marker change for an employee in court.

According to the New York Times, “Canada, Britain, France and Brazil offer government-financed sex changes, among other countries. San Francisco began paying for sex changes for city and county employees in 2001, and Fort Worth, Texas, is considered following suit.”

Fort Worth? Really? Seriously considering paying for sex change operations while pursuing criminal charges against six people who were at Rainbow Lounge? (See update in this Friday’s Dallas Voice).текст заказатьключевые слова гугл статистика