The April issue of D magazine includes this piece by Trey Garrison about the fact that Dallas’ traditional gay neighborhood is becoming more and more straight. But the president of a company that’s marketing a new development on Cedar Springs Road is taking issue with the article — and not just because Garrison is about five years late.

Ryan Baldwin, president of Trigon Management, said Garrison’s story unfairly implies that ilume, the development at the site of the old Tom Thumb store, is responsible for making the area less gay.

“It is so counterproductive to the efforts of the neighborhood, our community and ilume!” Baldwin said of the article in an e-mail. “You would think that it is obvious that we are not trying to ‘straighten up’ the neighborhood considering the designer is openly gay and my other half and I (both obviously gay) are doing the management and leasing. I swear sometimes the straight world just doesn’t get it.”сайтsmo и smm