Yesterday here on Instant Tea, I posted this blog about apparent rifts in the ranks of those calling themselves conservative activists.

It included a video of Ryan Sorba of California Young Americans for Freedom who was supposed to be talking to a gathering at last weekend’s Conservative Poliotical Action Conference about his part in James O’Keefe’s undercover ACORN “sting” in San Bernadino. Instead, Mr. Sorba took to the podium and immediately began denouncing CPAC for allowing the gay Republican group GOPride to participate in the conference. Sorba got heartily booed.

Today, I found this article at TPMMuckraker about Ryan Sorba’s previous brushes with the law. Apparently when he was 19, he had to move out of his family home in San Bernadino County after a woman named Mary Paulson got a three-year restraining order against him in connection with a domestic violence case. The order forbid him from having any contact with Paulson or with his own brother, Michael Sorba, for three years.

Ryan Sorba said the whole thing was over “the stupidest thing you could imagine,” and that he had gotten into a fight with a boy in the neighborhood whose mother filed the restraining order to keep them from fighting any more. He said his brother was involved because he and his brother used to get into fights. Everything’s fine now, he said, claiming “I’m friends with those people now, and I was friends with them then.”

In 2008, Sorba was cited for a noise violation at a polling place. He said he was handing out pro-Proposition 8 flyers when “some homosexual guy came up and I guess he called the police and they gave me a ticket.”

How did Sorba know the man was gay? Because “he looked gay, he sounded gay — it was evident.”раскрутка сайта web