By Tammye Nash

Robert Bellamy

5 questions with Robert Bellamy

Robert Bellamy is honorary chairman for the Design Industries
Foundation Fighting AIDS’ 2006 Dallas Collection, set for March 18. Bellamy owns his own landscape design company.

How did you get started in landscape design?
I always wanted to be an architect. But I also worked in some of the nicest nurseries in Dallas while I was in high school and college. I studied art in college and got a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Then I took some courses in architectural drafting, and with my experience in the arts and in nurseries, it all just fell into place. I have been doing this for 25 glorious years.

What kind of landscape design do you specialize in?
I specialize in designing and building outdoor rooms, patios, fountains, swimming pools, driveways, walls, arbors. I do all the designs for my jobs, but I contract out about 35 percent of the actual installation work.

How did you get involved with DIFFA and Dallas Collection?
I have gone to DIFFA events for years. I designed a jacket for Dallas Collection one year. I was an usher at Dallas Collection one year. David Nelson, who is chairman of the event this year, is a very good friend of mine. I don’t usually participate like this, but when he asked me to help out, I said I would.

How do you usually contribute to or participate in charitable events?
I am not a joiner, not the board member type. I don’t like going to meetings. What I do like to do is hold parties in my backyard to raise money for different groups. I have a fabulous yard,. We all donate in our own way. I do it with my time and energy.

Have you enjoyed your time as honorary chair of Dallas Collection?
I am usually best out in the field with my landscape crews and using my energy. But this has been fun. I had a party in my yard to help sell tables. I made a pottery piece as a prize for the first people to buy a table. Going to parties and sipping cocktails and talking to people is not usually my thing. But this has been fun. I feel like I have made a difference. David says I have, and that makes me feel good. yandex статистика ключевых слов