Lerone Landis is the co-host and producer of Lambda Weekly, the LGBT radio show that is broadcast each Sunday at noon on 89.3 KNON-FM. He has a degree in radio, television and film from the University of North Texas, and now lives in Garland with his partner of nine years, Danny Valle. Landis is always looking for new guests from the LGBT community to appear on the show. For more information, go online to www.knon.org or e-mail lambdaweekly.com.

How did you first started in radio?
Believe it or not, my first radio job was with a religious radio station. But I thought coming on board with a gay radio show would be a better fit for me, since I was not closeted.

Why does working on a gay radio show appeal to you?
I am somewhat of a GLBT news junkie, and I also find that doing radio satisfies my appetite to be part of a discourse concerning anything that relates to our community.

How has Lambda Weekly helped bring the LGBT community together?
Lambda Weekly has been on the air since 1983, and in that time we have had just about everybody that’s anybody in the community on as a guest. When these various groups come on the air and get the word out that they need support for whatever their cause is, our listeners usually step up to the plate to help out a group that they might not have known about otherwise.

What does Lambda Weekly bring to the community that other media options don’t?
Whereas the Internet, TV and newspapers are the most common sources of information for GLBT North Texans, Lambda Weekly can provide, not just headlines, but an open dialogue about our issues with local hosts and local guests. You simply cannot find that anywhere else locally.

What does Lambda Weekly need back from the community?
I hope our listener base continues to grow and that we can get more listener support in regards to funding, because KNON is a community station and that means we operate on donations from everyday people in the DFW area. That’s where the station’s logo “The voice of the people” comes from. We pride ourselves on being part of the oldest and longest-running GLBT show in the country. But to keep that title, we must meet our financial goals. And listeners can help us do that by donating so we can stay on the air.

Soundout is a weekly column featuring people whose jobs and interests have an impact on the daily lives of members of the GLBT community. It features those who often go unnoticed by the press and community. If you’d like to recommend someone to cover in this column, contact sTammye Nash at nash@dallasvoice.com.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 9, 2007 как раскрутить сайт в googleтиц пиар сайта