By Tammye Nash

5 questions with Buck Massey

Buck Massey, who recently retired as a letter carrier after 22 years with the United States Postal Service, has been a member of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas for about 10 years. He currently serves as political affairs chairman for the GLBT Democratic political organization. He also served in the Air Force and is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Was it difficult for you to be a gay man in the military?
I was not out as a gay man then. There was one instance that I had a close call, but I got out of the military just in time. That was a long time before “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Back then, it was, “No way, no how.”

How long have you been involved as a political activist?
I have been involved in Democratic Party politics all my life. I grew up in Mississippi in the ’60s and saw what was happening there with the civil rights movement. Since I have always known I was different, that was something that really spoke to me. Being involved in politics is a way that I need to express myself.

What does your job as Political Affairs chairman for Stonewall entail?
My job is to interface with the Democratic Party in Dallas County, and with the Democratic candidates running for office. I arrange the candidate screenings. I make sure Stonewall is represented at all Democratic Party functions in the county, and I represent the Democratic Party to the GLBT community.

How important are the elections this year?
Elections are always important, but especially so this year. We have a chance to elect Democrats at all levels who will actually represent the GLBT community and make sure we are treated fairly.

What was your proudest moment as an activist?
I think my proudest moment was in the early days of the AIDS epidemic when the Dallas Gay Alliance and the Gay Urban Truth Squad held the “die-in” at City Hall Plaza. It was the gay community’s coming of age. It was our refusal to go to the back of the bus, a declaration that we’re here, our lives are important and you are going to have to deal with us.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition of January 20, 2006. game angry racerсосзание интернет магазина цены