By Tammye Nash Senior Editor

5 questions with Randy Pauer

Randy Pauer recently retired from his position as district sales manager for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) in Dallas and has opened his own, cruise-specific travel agency.

How long did you work for Scandinavian Airlines?
I had been with them 30 years when I retired, and I worked out of Dallas all that time. I was hired in Dallas, and I retired in Dallas. That never happens in the airline industry. But I loved my job, and I love Dallas. I traveled everywhere, but I didn’t want to move from here. In fact, they wanted to close the office in Dallas several years ago. But I said I didn’t want to move, and so they let me stay here. It was very nice of them.

What does a district sales manager do?
I called on corporate accounts. I covered seven states Texas and all the states bordering Texas, except for Louisiana, and the “four corners” states, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. I worked out of my home since the 1970s, so I had a virtual office before anyone thought that was cool.

Was it difficult to be openly gay while working for SAS?
I came out in 1975 and was out at work almost from my first day there. But believe it or not, SAS is quite conservative. I thought for the longest time about making an issue out of it. Finally, a woman who was leaving the company told me I should do something for the GLBT community. So I talked to them, and I ended up being the one to set up their GLBT marketing program. I created the first GLBT marketing brochure for SAS, and it is still the model today that the airline uses.

Do you have a partner?
Yes, my partner is a Belgian citizen. We’ve not been able to get him over. He is in the lottery for a green card. But up to a million people apply each year and they only give about 50,000 green cards, and he hasn’t gotten his yet. I could move to Belgium, but I would have to give up my U.S. citizenship, and I don’t want to do that. I also thought about moving to Massachusetts, but their marriage law is a state law, and immigration is a federal matter.

What organizations are you involved in?
I worked with Immigration Equality for awhile, but my new business keeps me too busy to be very involved anymore. But I have been active in the community since 1978. I was active in the Dallas Gay Alliance when it first started. And now I am a member of the DFW Federal Club, the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce, ACLU, PFLAG and Cathedral of Hope. I counted up and I am a member of 16 social or political organizations. I am a big joiner!

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 23, 2007 продвижение сайтов как способ развития в интернете