By John Wright – Staff Writer

Five questions with Jeffery Horn

Jeffery Horn

Jeffrey Horn is chairman of this year’s Dallas Collection, the annual fundraiser held by the Dallas Chapter of the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. The event involves the auctioning of more than 100 denim jackets that have been reformulated into works of art. This year’s Collection is set for Saturday, March 31 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. For more information, visit

How was Collection born?
Nineteen years ago, three Dallas designers took fabric that was donated by different designer showrooms and they made dresses. The following year the idea was to take denim jackets and have them converted into fashion art that could be auctioned off. We are actually the only chapter that does Collection and we have national recognition for our event. We are the largest and most active chapter outside of New York.

I understand there’s something new this year, the Bubble Blast dance party?
It’s the first year and we plan to make it a permanent part of Collection. It’s a lower-price ticket to help expose people to Collection, younger people who might not be able to afford the dinner. It allows them to attend a fabulous party and see the fashion show live and mix and mingle with designers and celebrities and models after the show.

And there will be an LED dance floor, one of only five in the country. How does that work?
What it does is it can be set to react to different things. It can sense the beat of the music and produce random colors and shapes all over the dance floor. It can also be set to react to being stepped on. It also can run logos and pictures and video feeds. If you love dancing, dancing on this floor is amazing.

I understand you’re occupation is event designer? What is your specialty?
I do a lot of very, very high-end weddings in a lot of beautiful places. I design very elaborate weddings. Basically just empowering people to be married in the place that they want to be married rather than what people tell them to do.

Anything you’d like to add about Collection?
The only thing I really want to communicate is that so many of the AIDS services really, really need our money this year. I think it gets lost in the glamour and it gets lost in all the fun of the event, but that’s really the heart of why we do what we do. I’m looking forward to raising, hopefully, more money than we ever have.

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