5 questions with David Hearn

David Hearn is treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund. GDMAF will be hosting it’s semi-annual fundraiser, MetroBall, on June 9 from 5 to 10 p.m. The event will feature DJ Taylor TOT, dancers and a raffle for a 32-inch flat screen LCD TV. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. To find out more, visit www.gdmaf.org.

Tell me about GDMAF.
It’s a nonprofit organization. We’ve been in existence now for 11 years. We are a very small organization, just 11 board members, so we work through other AIDS agencies and help supplement them.

How do you do that?
Like last week, we helped a person whose car broke down, and we were the only way to help get their car repaired and help get them to the doctor to stay healthy. The organization that normally helps this person couldn’t afford to, and that is where we step in.

How many people do you help out each year?
Well, we now have a mailing list and donor group of more than 500 people, so we are averaging helping about 150 each year, with about $400 going to each person. Our niche is to help people with emergency needs after they have exhausted all other ways. The number of people out there who need that is always growing, so we would love to help more if we could. We have to make the world better today, and this is one small way we can do that.

What should people know about Greg?
He was originally from Tyler, Texas, and he moved to Dallas in 1988, and that is when I met him.We were partners for 4 1/2 years before he died in 1994. He told me up front that he is HIV-positive. I am still not at this point, but during that time, we would throw parties to help raise awareness and money. He was a fighter until the very end. He would talk to kids at school and tell them they don’t want to end up like him and such.

How will MetroBall help remember him?
It is basically a benefit for him. The two of us used to plan parties at our house, but it doesn’t have much room for dancing. So we are moving it. But Greg’s presence will still be there for me. It’s very personal. It just brings back all of the good times, and obviously, this event and this fund are one of the few good things that came out of such a tragic disease. Most importantly it is bringing together a lot of people who knew and loved him, so that we can do some good in the world, like he would have wanted.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, June 1, 2007. цена на разработку сайтапродвижение сайта faq