By Ben Briscoe Staff Writer

5 questions with “‘Michael Glenwick’

“Michael Glenwick,” 28, who declined to give his real name, is co-founder of Dallas Gay Pod, an explicit online radio show for the North Texas LGBT community created in 2005. It can be downloaded at

How was the show started?
I don’t really remember to tell the truth. I think I had just gotten my iPod, and I noticed that for every 10 podcasts out there, only one was worth listening to. So I decided to start my own. That way there would always be at least one that I enjoyed. I got with my best friend Fonda, and that was it.

How do you two decide what to talk about?
Lately it seems like we are having a hard time with it. At first it was just about our sexual history. But now, we’ve branched out a lot. But it is still difficult to find interesting content. That’s why we are deciding to cut back to once every other week. We were running out of fresh stuff to say, and we didn’t want that for ourselves or our listeners. We’ve also added a third cast member to the show, Captain Cox.

Tell me more about Captain Cox.
Cox used to have his own show, but his ex-co-host and him had a huge blow up, so he is with us now. It’s really interesting having him on the show because he has the exact opposite political views of me and Fonda. He’s a gay Republican. On the other hand, Fonda and I are right about everything. You know, completely different. He finally brought us back to where we started off the show, talking about anything and everything under the sun. The more embarassing it is, the better.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you have shared about yourself?
It has to be my penis size. It seems like that comes up all of the time in conversation, that is. I don’t make it any secret. But we talk about a lot more than just that.

How does your family feel about you sharing such personal information?
They don’t know about it. If you listen to some of the most recent casts then you will know that I found my cousin on a gay Web site, and it would be so bad for him if they knew. Because I talk about anything and everything, like finding him, I chose to keep this part of my life away from them. The fact that someone might find out doesn’t phase me, though. If they find out, they find out. Then I deal with it. But I just don’t want them to have to know about it right now. Plus I keep most people out of the loop because I don’t want people at work to find out, either. They might not think it is the most ethical thing to do. That’s why I use the fake name, and only let people photograph me with sunglasses on.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, June 8, 2007. online gamesузнать цену сайта