By David Webb Staff Writer

5 questions with Lauren Burgess

Summit High School sophomore Lauren Burgess, 15, of Mansfield, is the AIDS Arms LifeWalk Steering Committee’s youngest member. She has served on the committee for two years. She is a member of her high school’s marching band and is attending band camp this summer. After graduation, she wants to enroll at Texas A&M University to major in animal science and music. LifeWalk will kick off at Lee Park on Oct. 14.

How did you get involved in LifeWalk?
My dad invited me to go to a meeting. He’s a member of the steering committee also. I realized I just wanted to help out.

What have you learned through your involvement with LifeWalk?
It totally opens your eyes to all of the things that can happen. I like to inform my friends about things they don’t know. It helps to know the truth behind what you are saying.

Does your high school make students aware of the danger of becoming infected with HIV?
In health class they talk about it some. I would guess there is not more discussion because they are afraid of not being politically correct. It’s a very conservative area. There’s not a lot of open-mindedness, and there’s not as much awareness as I would like for there to be.

How do other students react when they hear about your involvement with LifeWalk?
Some of the people think it is kind of weird. I just blow that off because they are the ignorant ones not me.

Are you getting the message across to many of your friends?
A lot of people are supporting me, and a lot of them are joining my team for the walkathon. It’s kind of exciting.

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