By John Wright Staff Writer

5 Questions with Jeff Grover

Jeff Grover is vice chairman of the Board of Directors for the Legacy Counseling Center and Founders Cottage. The organization will hold its annual Be An Angel fundraiser from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 8 at Eddie Dean’s Ranch, 944 S. Lamar, Dallas. Tickets are $75 in advance or at the door. Call 214-520-6308 ext. 302 to purchase tickets.

How did you get involved with Legacy?
I got involved through my friendships with Vince Martinez and Ed Hill. I came to see Martinez sing at this event three years ago. Impressed with Legacy, I approached Hill, then chairman of the board, and mentioned I was an ambassador with the Matrix Society, a nonprofit philanthropic organization that finds volunteers for charities. I subsequently arranged for Matrix to solicit volunteers for future Legacy events. Soon I came to realize I wanted to do more for Legacy, so I applied to the board. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to give back and see the wonderful work this organization accomplishes.

What is Legacy’s mission?
The mission of Legacy is to provide affordable and quality mental health care, counseling and housing support to people in North Texas who are impacted by HIV and AIDS.

How important are these services?
It is of paramount importance for people with HIV/AIDS to have access to Legacy’s services so they can find the information, love, care and support this organization provides. Legacy Counseling Center is all about hope and quality of life.

Tell me about this year’s fundraiser.
The theme of the event is Wild, Wild West. We’ll have saloon girls and gunslingers and casino tables, with music by the Breckinridge Band and Vince Martinez. Everybody will get $25 to gamble with, along with dinner and two free drinks. There will be silent and live auctions. It will be a very casual and relaxed event; people can come straight in off the ranch and have some fun.

What are some of the items that will be auctioned?
We have a week’s stay at a guest house in Ajijic, Mexico, which is near Guadalajara. There are also stays at the Marriot in San Diego and the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. There are private cooking lessons in your home with various renowned chefs, including Sharon Hage of the York Street Restaurant. There’s a fajita dinner for 100 at Los Vaqueros in Fort Worth, and the Grapevine Bar will host a private party for up to 50 people, with three free drinks per person. There are also 340 silent auction items, so come and enjoy.

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