By Praveen Sathianathan

5 questions with Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer is co-owner of the House of Dang!, an East Dallas boutique store specializing in vintage apparel and accessories. A native of Gainesville, he moved to Dallas after high school for arts school. Five years ago he started collaborating with his design partner, Doug Voisin, and they launched their label at a fashion show at S4. Bayer currently lives with his boyfriend, Jeremy Manning, dog Gwen and cats Momma Kitty and Patrick Swayze.

How did you become interested in fashion?
My grandmother was a seamstress and my mother had a sewing room in the house. They were always creating things together. I remember getting Barbie dolls and going into my mom’s sewing room and pulling fabrics, draping them and getting them dressed. I didn’t play house, but I would construct things for them. My father is in the construction industry, and I get inspiration from him as well. 

Tell me about the Fashion Cited fundraiser you recently participated in.
Fashion Cited is the annual fundraiser for the Legal Hospice of Texas. The organization helps provide free legal assistance for people with a terminal illness. We participated by donating garments for the runway show. The samples we gave them came from our spring 2010 collection. 

HOD is involved with DIFFA/Dallas. Can you tell me about the design you have in the show?
My design partner, Doug Voisin, is the costume director for DIFFA/Dallas, and so we got involved in the event. For the last three years we have designed pieces for the show. This year we designed a dress with denim incorporated into the design. The organizers were pretty selective on who they chose to participate in the event this year since it is their 20th anniversary collection. So it is even more special to us that we are included in the celebration.

What is the difference between good and bad style?
Bad style is over-following trends and being too serious with fashion. Good style is being true to yourself and being who you are and playing with fashion. After all it is just clothing — it should be fun, playful and interesting.

What are you currently working on?
We are currently working on the HOD Prom 2009. It is on May 9, at the store on Bryan Street. We are also collaborating with a company in Denton called Squid Ink Kollective. They have been designing different graphics on fabrics for us. We are incorporating their artwork into our spring 2010 collection right now. This summer we are also planning to have a "Summer Smackdown" with the And/Or gallery, which is next door to us.

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