By David Taffet

5 questions with Ryan Evans

Ryan Evans

Ryan Evans was recently named community outreach director for OUT TAKES Dallas. The LGBT film festival has been presenting films of interest to the LGBT community for 10 years. This year, OUT TAKES Dallas is presenting a monthly screening on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Magnolia Theatre.

When you are not promoting LGBT films, what do you do?
Currently I am the door manager for Station 4 on the weekends. I have been employed with Caven Enterprises since last October. Monday through Saturday I am running my family business over in Fort Worth, which is a small, new-age retail gift store. I’m also working on an associate’s degree in criminal justice at the University of Phoenix.

How did you become involved in OUT TAKES?
I met the new managing director, Phillip Archer, at MetroBall [a fundraiser for Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund] a few months ago. I was looking to branch out more here in Dallas and had been with Q Cinema in Fort Worth for the last four years as PR director and Dallas liaison. When Phillip asked me to come on board, I couldn’t refuse.

What are your favorite types of films?
I actually have an affinity for all types of GLBT films, although I’m partial to "coming out" stories. I had such a hellacious time with family and it was just very depressing. Nine years later things are extremely improved and my family ties are very strong. Watching those stories that I can relate to reminds me that I did what was right for me.

What do you plan to do in your position as community outreach director?
I am so excited about taking on this role in our community. OUT TAKES Dallas is a community organization that offers something wholesome for the entire DFW area to come and enjoy with friends and family. I plan to employ the newest strategies, latest marketing technology, and help to restructure the "feel and look" of OUT TAKES Dallas entirely. We have new goals and a certain demographic we want to reach, and we will definitely do so by leaps and bounds. Most of all, my job to get out there in person and "reach out" to DFW as a whole.

In what direction would you like to see OUT TAKES move?
OUT TAKES Dallashas already began to restructure itself. The board has a vision of becoming the "hip and trendy" thing to do with your partner, friends and/or family. Our community is so rich and diverse, and I want OUT TAKES Dallasto reflect that not only by the films we show, but by the people who volunteer for the organization, by the patrons who attend the films, and by our sponsorships and community ties.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 7, 2009.Online Games for Symbianserm