Richard Land
Richard Land

Not surprisingly, the Southern Baptist Convention has approved a resolution opposing the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell.”

Richard Land, president of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, told those attending the denomination’s annual meeting in Florida this week that repealing DADT would “destroy” the military, according to the Associated Press.

“I’m told that there will be massive resignations … if we try to impose this social experiment on our military forces when we’re in the middle of two wars.” Land says in a video from the meeting posted on the SBC website. “We will end up with a military that will have a higher than national percentage homosexual population rather than a lower than national percentage homosexual population, and it will lead to discord and disharmony in the ranks, and it will destroy the finest fighting force that the world has ever known.”

The Baptist Press notes that Land also talked about the church’s efforts to defend Proposition 8, California’s same-sex marriage ban.

The SBC resolution opposing DADT states that,”No government should implement standards or policies regulating the lives of military personnel based on nothing other than indulging sexual desires, however strong …”