My first diary entry!

I live in Baton Rouge.  And I love Louisiana, and honestly, most of the people here are wonderful people.  But then you see something like this:

For those who don't click the link, it's the story of a gay couple being refused service at a granite shop (Southern Style Granite) for being gay.  It's kind of become an issue in the gay community around here.  I'm not in the market for granite, or really in the know, but I thought I could at least speak up. 

This is why its upsetting that our city council couldn't even pass the One Baton Rouge resolution this summer (more here:  Its our local paper's piece about it…try not to gag as you read the comments).  One Baton Rouge was nothing more than basically our city council saying that Baton Rouge welcomes and appreciates its LGBT community.  It was a gesture, not even an ordinance.  But people said we didn't need it, and etc etc; meanwhile, FIFTY-FIVE pastors felt motivated to take out an entire page ad speaking out against the One Baton Rouge resolution (pdf of the document here: One of the shining quotes: “This is our point: homosexuals deserve love and forgiveness but not special recognition in something the Scripture is clear about being sin. We believe you are being encouraged to press an agenda that has long-range implications. We plead with you to drop this agenda. It will divide good-hearted citizens whose consciences are offended by a resolution that is wholly unnecessary.” 

Clearly, the resolution was NOT unnecessary, and Southern Style Granite's actions are FAR from good-hearted.


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