Can’t say I have much more  info on this but Jesse Garcia just posted this to his Facebook:

at the Resource Center Dallas, waiting on Youth First Texas students and Telemundo media to film segment on the bullying of LGBT children in the schools.

He posted “about an hour ago,” which would have put it at around 6:09 p.m. I’m thinking, if they are about film, that might just be enough time to edit and package it up for tonight’s newscast on channel 39.

UPDATE: Turns out, Telemundo wasn’t filming for a news segment at all. Garcia was involved in coordinating youth to be interviewed by talk show host Gabriela Natale. She hosts “Super Latina” which airs every Wednesday morning. The segment will be part of Natale’s episode on the struggles of LGBT youth in which six locals discussed coming out experiences, thoughts of suicide and young life in general.

Sounds like Natale supports the community beyond this one episode. According to Garcia, she hopes to make the Pride parade and has agreed to work with Garcia on future stories regarding the Latino and LGBT communities.сайтдирект контекстная реклама