Spanke Studer

Although Spanke Studer died in October 2011, the Toilet Paper Party he started years ago lives on.

Organizers said this Sunday’s party is on rain or shine.

“The grill will be going, the tents will be up and the tables set and Jim’s decorations will be flawless, as usual,” organizers wrote on the Facebook event page. “We hope you all grab an arm full of supplies and a friend or two and head on over.”

The party began when Studer asked Don Maison, president and CEO of AIDS Services of Dallas, what he could do to help the organization. Maison told him he could use toilet paper.

Toilet paper grew to collections of all toiletry items. Spanke’s Toilet Paper Party has contributed tens of thousands of dollars in items over the years.

Everyone is welcome to stop by, donate some toilet paper (or toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and other bathroom items) and have something to eat. On the menu are hotdogs, hamburgers, homemade chili, meatballs, queso, pecan bars, cookies and peanut brittle.

Spanke’s Toilet Paper Party, 3955 Hawthorne Ave. April 14. 4–8 p.m.