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After-hours DJ Joe Gauthreaux keeps the Purple Party pumpin’

Carlton Mickle

The star power keeps getting brighter as Big D’s annual lavender hootenanny, the Purple Party, celebrates its eighth year. Expect shirtless boys worshipping at the altar of the cha-cha gods, as disco divas, erotic superstars, club-freak performers and turntable masters keep the party in full swing. New Orleans-bred DJ Joe Gauthreaux has one of the more challenging gigs. He has to elevate everyone’s mood after Saturday’s liquor service has ended. Earlier this week, Dallas Voice caught up with the hottie who knows how to rock the party.

You’re from the Big Easy. When was the first time you visited Big D?
It was to spin at an Easter T-dance in April, 2000. What a great time. I knew then that the Dallas boys liked to have fun. I’ve also spun numerous times at Club One and the Brick. But I haven’t been back since New Year’s of 2006. So I’m really excited.

From your perch in the DJ booth, what’s the strangest or most shockingly memorable thing you’ve seen on the dance floor?
People having sex during Southern Decadence in New Orleans. After 5 a.m. at Oz, you see it all.

Name two things people will never hear you play:
I never did play "Dive in the Pool" or "Barbie Girl." Back in the day, those songs were really big, but I couldn’t bring myself to play them. I draw the line with anything super cheesy.

If the power goes out at the Starlight Room while the Resurrection after-party is in full swing, how would you improvise?
I’ve worked at a gig and had power go out on me before — it’s not fun. Everyone just looks at the booth and thinks that you did something wrong.

You’re cute. Are you available?
Yes, but only on Tuesdays.
You’ve got a hottie in your bedroom, and you want to set the mood with some music. Name three songs-albums you’d play:
Sade, "Pearls." Chicane, "No Ordinary Morning." And Mazzy Star, "Into Dust."

You’re in town for Purple Party 8, April 2008. How has your work changed since April 2007?
I’m always growing as a DJ.  I’m doing a lot more of my own production now which is very exciting.  I’ve been blessed with a lot of great gigs this year so it’s definitely time for me to take things to the next level.

If you had an unlimited budget for the Resurrection party and you could also project live video during your entire set, what images would you want people to see while you’re in charge of the sound?
I’d hire the person who did the visuals for Madonna’s "Confessions Tour." She’s got the most amazing visuals at any concert I’ve ever seen. 


Purple Hearts. DJ Alyson Calagna with special performance by G Licious G. Meet Raging Stallions exclusives Jake Deckard, pictured and Ricky Sinz. Friday, April 18, 10 p.m.-2 a.m at Minc Lounge, 813 Exposition Ave. $15 (included in weekend pass and host pass).

Amethyst – main event. DJ Roland Belmares with performance by Deborah Cox, pictured. Saturday, April 19, 10 p.m.-4 a.m. House of Blues, 2200 N Lamar St. $60 advance, $70 door (included in weekend pass and host pass)

Resurrection— afterhours. DJ Joe Gauthreaux. Saturday night (Sunday morning), April 20. Starts at 3 a.m. Starlight Room, 603 Munger Ave # 105. Door $30, (included in weekend pass and host pass).

Wild Orchid. Sunday, April 20. Time: 6 p.m.-2 a.m. DJs Phil B and Bryan Konrad with a performance by "Circuit Daniqua," pictured. Purgatory, 2208 Main St. Tickets: Door $30, (included in weekend pass and host pass).


Clothing retailers know that there are colors that menswear manufacturers don’t produce much of: green and purple. Maybe purple is rare because it’s a shade intended for royals and the privileged classes.

However, a recent stroll along the Cedar Springs entertainment-shopping district proved that boutiques, like Skivvies and Union Jack, are doing the best to give y’all some fresh ideas to show your purple Pride.

BUTT SHOT: These Clever grape boxer-briefs have a rear-view with a tribal pattern and bedazzling stones, $28. Clever also makes a purple Dragon Foil Lyrcra short, $26. Available at Skivvies, 4001 Cedar Springs Rd # C. 214-559-4955.

If you have the courage to flex your urban style — à la a David LaChapelle photo shoot — then race over to the shoe aisle at Skivvies. The entire Shmack line have been marked down from $110 to $20 a pair. These festive high tops are the bomb diggity: purple trim, purple laces, gold logo and white paint splatter.
Even Kelly would say, "These shoes rule!"

pUrpetrate THOSE  PANTIES —
These aussieBum classic sport ribbed undies are practical but never boring. They’re made of heavy duty 100 percent cotton with a ribbed finish. And the white trim really pops against the deep purple. The best thing about these  unmentionables is taking off your pants, $23.
Available at Union Jack Clothing, 3920 Cedar Springs Rd. 214-528-9600.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 18, 2008.

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