Suvir Saran

One of the out chefs on the current season of Top Chef Masters was told to pack his knives last night.

The series, which pits established and celebrity chefs against one another in cooking competitions to raise money for charity, is near the start of its second season on Bravo.

Suvir Saran, an Indian chef who is a practicing vegetarian, was booted from the show for cooking a tasteless vegan burger with a low calorie count for a weight-loss challenge. Saran has stayed true to his no-kill principles since the season began, refusing to even use bugs in a weird challenge last week. He has, however, cooked meat this season which had already been butchered, although his default has been to find vegan alternatives for carnivorous dishes.

Last night, he lectured the diners, including the panel of food critics that included gay judge James Oseland, about how red meat was responsible for obesity and why his substitute was healthier. Perhaps, but it ended up being flavorless and not juicy enough for the diners.

Saran owns a farm in Upstate New York with his partner, Charlie.  He raised about $8,000 for his charity before being let go.

Lesbian Tracy Des Jardins fared better for our tribe, winning her second “quickfire” challenge of the season.