A few weeks ago, Mystique Summers Madison, one of three contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race this season with Dallas ties, showed up at Illusions while I was there. When the show host called her out — even cheering on the article we published about her (read it here) — she couldn’t have looked and acted less interested in it. You don’t need to be a mind-reader to realize she wasn’t that into the show.

Then I saw the first two episodes, in which Mystique clearly comes off as the bitchy, rude, argumentative outsider who doesn’t care if she’s liked, which is a good thing since she’s not. It also signaled to me that she wasn’t gonna last too long.

And she didn’t. Last night, she was the latest victim of her own fashion sense, and told by Ru to “sashay away” after a dull performance on a TV commercial and an insultingly un-country couture ensemble. With Tanya Tucker as a guest judge, Mystique dressed in a recycled outfit with no country flair, claiming she was dressing like a “country girl at the mall.” She later said she didn’t want to “disrespect” friends by dressing in a mocking way. Bleh.

That leaves former Dallas resident Sahara Davenport as the sole Texan among the remaining contestants. And she’s pretty good and just may go all the way.allsocialgamesоценка сайта пример