… the lesbian! Christina, right — a 32-year-old lesbian chef from Philadelphia — won the grand prize of Hell’s Kitchen Monday night, and it was no mere title. As winner, she receives a salary of $250,000 to serve as head chef at host Gordon Ramsay’s new Paris Las Vegas restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Steak. She defeated straight guy Justin, left, in the finale. (There must be something in the air, too  — an hour after Christina won Hell’s Kitchen, blind home cook Christine won MasterChef.)

It’s great whenever an openly gay person wins a competition where being gay has nothing to do with the competition — and that was the case here. Indeed, the fact her girlfriend kissed her after the win, and was her “family” at the big reveal (along with her mom) is really what equality is all about. And the fact it happened on Fox is kinda neat.

This is nothing new, though. Heather, the winner of Season 2, carried on an apparent showmance with Dallas chef Rachel Brown. But it’s always good to see. Especially in an election year.