Stephen Sprinkle

Unfinished Lives: Reviving the Memories of LGBTQ Hate Crimes Victims by Rev. Stephen V. Sprinkle has been awarded the national silver medal from the Independent Book Awards for outstanding excellence in Gay/Lesbian Non-Fiction. The award is known as the IPPY.

Sprinkle teaches at Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth and was promoted last month to professor of practical theology and director of field education and supervised ministry. He has been at the school since 1994 and held the position of associate professor before his recent promotion. He was involved in the reaction to the Rainbow Lounge raid and is featured in the film Raid of the Rainbow Lounge. He is a frequent speaker at Cathedral of Hope.

In his book Unfinished Lives, Sprinkle tells the stories of 14 LGBTQ hate crimes murder victims throughout the U.S. More than 13,000 women, men and youth who have lost their lives to unreasoning hatred since 1980.

“I set out to change the conversation on hate crimes in this country, to put a human face on the outrage of homophobia and transphobia robbing us of so many so brutally,” Sprinkle said.