Just in time for tonight’s Stars home opener at the AAC comes this video from ESPN, profiling newly signed enforcer and former Vogue magazine intern Sean Avery. Turns out, gay Stars fans will have a little extra incentive to cheer on the team this year, as Avery brings with him plenty of queer mystique. In the video, he admits to having played with and dressed up dolls as a kid.

“I would steal them from my babysitters mostly, or ask them to bring them over,” Avery says in the video. “There was probably a question as to at one point if I was going to be an athlete or maybe doing something else because of the dressing dolls and playing with dolls more so than trucks.”

Avery is straight (he’s dated the likes of Rachel Hunter and Elisha Cuthbert), but he doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the gay rumors.

“I think it’s just like the cardinal rule with athletes, if you’re not married by the time your 30, you’re all of a sudden definitely gay. It’s just the narrow-mindedness of sports, which is the one thing that turns me off about it.”

Avery said he’s already taken some of his teammates to a Nieman Marcus fashion show and made gay friends in Dallas. (Sean, if you’re reading this, how about some tickets for the Voice?)

“I’ve already met a couple of gay guys,” Avery says. “I have my gay friends, and I’m good with that.”томск объявленияgoogle adwords войти