It’s nice to know somebody was paying attention Tuesday morning when we asked Bill White during a press conference why he’s planning to appear at gay Pride in Dallas. We’re pretty sure some of the reporters in the room tuned out once they heard the word “gay,” but The Star-Telegram’s Anna M. Tinsley was listening, and she put White’s response at the top of her story about White’s border security plan in Wednesday’s edition. We’re still trying to figure out what gay Pride has to do with border security, and some will undoubtedly argue that by drawing attention to this we’re hurting White among conservative voters (in fact we’ve already been blamed for costing him the election). But ultimately we’re glad that fair-minded readers of The S-T now know that White supports the LGBT community, at least in this symbolic way. Below is the top of Tinsley’s piece. To read the full story, go here.


DALLAS — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White wants the votes of all Texans.

That’s why he said Tuesday that he plans to appear in Dallas’ Gay Pride parade Sept. 19.

“I think parades are great,” he said. “You can meet the people you are trying to work for. I’m trying to work for all the Texans, not just some of them.”