Michael Stipe turns 53 on Friday. The frontman for the iconic rock group R.E.M. — which disbanded in 2011 after decades together — has ventured into filmmaking, as well as music. He has long defined himself as a “queer artist,” eschewing words like gay or bisexual.


CAPRICORN  Dec 21–Jan 20
You’ve been trying to lower the stress factor forever. You keep saying that one day you’ll get off the treadmill and start living, but you never seem to get to it. If you’re still in a place that believes in the importance of having it all, know it is less about possessions than about friendship and peace of mind.

AQUARIUS  Jan 21–Feb 20
You have to step up your pace if you want to stay balanced. Thank God you’re in the mood for this. It seems like it’s good for you to be busier than ever because there are other issues that could drive you nuts if you had the time to dwell on them.

PISCES  Feb 21–Mar 20
If your lessons have been more intense than usual, you have to wonder what it is about the way you’ve dealt with things that made them hit a wall. Instead of trying to explain it away, you might want to take a look at how one thing led to another.

ARIES  Mar 21–Apr 20
If the rate of change seems to be accelerating, get used to it. Everything rides on your ability to keep up with events that have come to bring you back to yourself. This may be one of those transformational milestones that requires you to rock the boat in ways that others find hard to understand.

TAURUS  Apr 21–May 20
You can move forward if you’re willing to get some help. You’re biggest problem comes from the fact that you’ve projected such a self-sufficient front that everyone assumes you’re
totally fine working things out on your own.

GEMINI  May 21–Jun 20
You’re at one of those points where it’s time to flip everything over, or at least make a move that installs something newer and more interesting into your life.

CANCER  Jun 21–Jul 20
You could have this in a heartbeat if you wanted it less and were willing to give it all the time in the world. Unfortunately others are not as clear about things as you are. To try to hang on or nail them down won’t work.

LEO  Jul 21–Aug 20
After a stretch where you couldn’t be sure about anything, life is looking better. If you’ve really taken the time to look at what you’re doing, you know that half of your confusion is the result of thinking something else should be going on.

VIRGO  Aug 21–Sep 20
There is an uneven level of emotional energy being exchanged between you and another person. This could even apply to a situation that isn’t giving you all that it should. When things aren’t balanced, all kinds of issues confuse even simple things.

LIBRA  Sep 21–Oct 20
You’re looking at things through a pin-hole and it’s making you nuts. The way you have decided to see what’s come out of the last few months has you in doubt about people’s intentions and uncertain about where you stand.

SCORPIO  Oct 21–Nov 20
You don’t need to cave just because someone else needs you to see things their way. Your tendency to acquiesce is as unhealthy for you as their tendency to over-manage their relationships is for them.

None of this would be a problem if you could see what it costs you to force your will on it. Whatever is, or isn’t, making you happy is more about you than it is about any outside influence. Part of you is never satisfied.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition January 4, 2013.