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Zak Spears turns 48 on Tuesday. The muscular, hirsute star of porn films for Falcon Studios since 1993. He also appeared in gay filmmaker Gregg Araki’s 1995 non-porn indie film The Doom Generation under his birth name, Khristofor Rossianov.


CAPRICORN  Dec 21–Jan 20
You could use time and space to sit back and review the way things stand, but it’s probably not going to happen because you’re in the midst of reaping the best from what your life has birthed in the last three years.

AQUARIUS  Jan 21—Feb 20
The pace is slowing down just long enough for you to catch your breath. In the midst of a lot of stress, your life has been boosted from one level to the next. By the time you read this, you will be preparing for the next phase of whatever comes.

PISCES  Feb 21—Mar 20
Things that happened a long time ago have been popping up to remind you how far you’ve come. This could include very significant people returning at a critical point in time. All of these things mean something. You have lived long enough to know that what goes around comes around.

ARIES  Mar 21—Apr 20
The next time you stop thinking about yourself long enough to notice what’s going on with someone else, you’ll be amazed to find out that others are having a tough time dealing with your nonsense.

TAURUS  Apr 21—May 20
This is all about what belongs to who and/or who belongs to what. The bigger part of you would be fine if you wound up losing it all. In some small way you understand that possessions don’t make us who we are.

GEMINI  May 21—Jun 20
Just when you were getting ready to bail, in the midst of the craziest scenario you’re looking at the other side of the worst of it. For a few weeks do your best to hold steady and strengthen your position enough to prepare for the next go-round.

CANCER  Jun 21—Jul 20
Your plans may need some adjustment. Remain open to the idea that none of this is up to you. In the long run, those closest to you may have more to say about it than you do. Changes in their reality are bound to spill over and affect you.

LEO  Jul 21—Aug 20
Too much external pressure has combined with the stuff you do to yourself to create a sense of being a prisoner inside your own life. It doesn’t have to be this way. The need for drama, and the desire to be center-stage has twisted up your priorities.

VIRGO  Aug 21—Sep 20
It’s always a mixed bag with you; everything’s OK on the surface, but the inside story is a mix of anxiety that you can’t put your finger on. If you feel more neurotic than usual, the things that distract you are ringing up enormous amounts of fear.

LIBRA  Sep 21—Oct 20
No one can tell you what others will do. Second guessing people is a tricky sort of business. You’re going to have to let your instincts guide your choices because when logic and reason no longer apply, your mind is bound to make a mess of it.

SCORPIO  Oct 21—Nov 20
You can’t account for the way others seem to overreact everything you do. I’m not sure it’s about not being receptive; it feels more like someone needs to maintain the boundary that keeps their identity intact.

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 21—Dec 20
The need to make room for others’ idiosyncrasies is always the issue; you’re about to lose it as far as that goes. In the coming weeks the pressure to be OK with just about anything will see you calling on your sense of humor.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition January 11, 2013.