Rutina Wesley turns 34 on Friday. The actress is best known for playing Tara Thornton, the bisexual waitress-turned-vampire on the hit HBO series True Blood, but is also a Juilliard-trained actress and dancer.


AQUARIUS: Jan 21–Feb 20
Reclaiming your strength is needed now. For most of us, strength comes from roots and family. If we can’t call upon those things, just about anything can bring us to center. Whatever that means to you, call upon it and let it soothe your soul.

PISCES: Feb 21–Mar 20
You know that what goes around comes around. No matter how rough or smooth the path appears, you have come to a place where your inner and outer resources don’t seem to be big enough for the situation at hand. Your inner sight may be what it takes to bring you clarity.

ARIES: Mar 21–Apr 20
It’s time to soften up and let anyone but you call the shots; you are not the only person on the planet, and whether you know it or not, you are not, and never will be, right about everything.

TAURUS: Apr 21–May 20
Issues stem from too much focus on money and things; it is that stuff that is churning up the need to cling to what seems to be slipping away. Part of your lesson includes learning that there is nothing outside of your own being that’ll make you safe or keep you sane when all else fails.

GEMINI: May 21–Jun 20
Do your best to hold steady and strengthen your position enough to prepare for the next go-round. This means getting back to a place of physical and emotional balance. Don’t waste energy making room for anything that doesn’t support you.

CANCER: Jun 21–Jul 20
As the coming weeks unfold, be conscious that change is inevitable. See yourself as one of the ones who will be most deeply affected by it. So much is about to uproot your sense of how life is supposed to be, you need to lighten up and let go.

LEO: Jul 21–Aug 20
Your first step toward sanity might be to make things easy on yourself by losing the sense of obligation that leads you to be overly responsive to the needs of others and amazingly out of touch with the ones that you call your own.

VIRGO: Aug 21–Sep 20
You tend to make things up in your head and convince yourself they’re true. The cure for this lies in being able to stop the madness long enough to realize that life is what we make it and a deep breath could be all it takes to restore your sanity.

LIBRA: Sep 21–Oct 20
The need to allow for all possibilities has you getting used to life outside of the strictures of custom and convention. After years of being the one who always got it right, you are beginning to see that there’s no such thing as perfect.

SCORPIO: Oct 21–Nov 20
Don’t over-analyze what comes down to a case of needing more space — you should know how to handle this. If I were you, I’d get far enough away from things to reclaim your sovereignty and allow absence to let the heart grow fonder.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov 21–Dec 20
Those close to you seem stretched past their limits. Whether it’s your job to heal all of their ills is another issue. Don’t let the goodness that you need to create for yourself take a back seat to anything.

CAPRICORN: Dec 21–Jan 20
You’d be wise to stay centered in things that allow you to stay grounded, and in things that stir your soul. That would include: sunrise and sunset, time alone and enough time with others to remind you that your life is full of love.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 1, 2013.