Tim Curry turns 67 on Friday. The versatile, Tony-nominated actor is comfortable in comedy, drama and musicals, but will forever be remembered for his starring role as the “sweet transsexual” Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the cult movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


ARIES: Mar 21—Apr 20
Everything is opening up for you. This could leave you feeling a little intense. In some cases, you aren’t going to know what hit you. The coming weeks will require you to think before you act.

TAURUS: Apr 21—May 20
The burdens that the past has laid upon you have gotten to be too much. The need to make peace is on top of the stack. To carry the weight of whatever hasn’t been put to rest is going to make the things that are working harder than they have to be.

GEMINI: May 21—Jun 20
The next thing on your list may have something to do with a certain someone who has arrived just in time to rattle your cage. For better or worse, you need this. As much as life seems to be moving along smoothly, you are getting a good lesson in the way you deal when things take a turn.

CANCER: Jun 21—Jul 20
Your best laid plans need to take a sharp right, or a sharp left. You are at the mercy of external forces that are both unpredictable and outside of any ability you think you have to control things. So much is likely to be confusing the issue.

LEO: Jul 21—Aug 20
Nobody is holding you back; if it looks that way, realize that whoever’s out there pinning you down is just a reflection of the part of you whose fear of success outweighs your desire for it. You didn’t come here to hide your light.

VIRGO: Aug 21—Sep 20
You have to be clear to people about where you stand. Your heart is so caught up, seeing things for what they are is an ongoing battle. It’s OK to be open and loving and kind, but there are times when self-preservation requires us to temper some of that with enough street smarts to see what’s up.

LIBRA: Sep 21—Oct 20
Finding your strength will be easy once you stop looking for it in others — they can’t do much but make your situation harder. If you’re already losing it , it’s up to you to behave like a grown-up long enough to achieve some level of sanity.

SCORPIO: Oct 21—Nov 20
Stretching your limits is the key to so much of what’s going on with you right now. You have become a slave to expectation. In other words, your beliefs about what’s possible and your ideas about “the way things are supposed to be” need to be reframed in light of experiences that defy analysis.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov 21—Dec 20
The need to play things out keeps you tied up with people who can’t respond to, or help you resolve, any of your problems. Coming down to earth requires you to look at the bottom line.

CAPRICORN: Dec 21–Jan 20
The next phase of this experience will bring you back down to earth and take you far enough away from the rat race to remember why you’re here. Too much energy has gone into making sure everything is taken care of and everyone has what they need. You can’t keep this up.

AQUARIUS: Jan 21—Feb 20
There’s no sense dumbing yourself down so that others can feel good about themselves. It’s one thing to be open and quite another to waste your time patronizing people who have nothing to offer, or teach you.

PISCES: Feb 21—Mar 20
The spotlight keeps moving around from one issue to another. It’s never just one thing. In your world the kaleidoscope is much more intense than it is for the rest of us. The need to keep rearranging the scenery is being fueled by the craving for change.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 19, 2013.