James Beard was born 110 years ago on Sunday; he died in 1985. The gay gourmand, chef and author helped bring French cooking to American kitchens and is the father of the foodie craze. His James Beard Foundation awards the most coveted prizes in the food world.


TAURUS: Apr 21—May 20
Don’t be too sure about how your current state of affairs will unravel. What looks good could change radically; the same goes for whatever it is that isn’t looking that hot. Much of what you’re dealing with right now has to do with payback.

GEMINI: May 21—Jun 20
Diversifying your options seems like a wise move. Before you decide to branch out too far, why don’t you look at whatever’s going on, on the bottom line.

CANCER: Jun 21—Jul 20
Baby steps, my friend, baby steps! Whatever’s going on, don’t try to cook it up all at once. It’s interesting that the scenery has changed and you’re adjusting to a whole new perspective. You may even be looking at your life from a totally different location.

LEO: Jul 21—Aug 20
It isn’t easy to figure out why things went the way they did. There’s no way to explain the events of the last year. Only now are you beginning to see the ways in which the universe has conspired to bring you back to yourself.

VIRGO: Aug 21—Sep 20
Before you get all worked up, slow down and get real for a minute. Just because all of a sudden everyone wants a piece of you, it doesn’t mean you need to say yes to any of this.

LIBRA: Sep  21—Oct 20
The sense of paranoia that had you waiting for the other shoe to drop has been replaced with the understanding that you have nothing to fear. If those who seemed untrustworthy have redeemed themselves, you are also realizing that your trust issues have played a huge role in making this entire situation harder than it has to be.

SCORPIO: Oct 21—Nov 20
No one knew how far this situation would go. You can’t blame others for what they didn’t understand. As much as it looks like this has nothing to do with you, there’s no way around it; you’re here, too.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov 21—Dec 20
You aren’t entirely sure about anything these days. The last few years have brought so much change, it would be good if you could get up to speed on where you’re really at with yourself. A big part of you thinks it has to keep maintaining the status quo at a time when you have no desire to do so.

CAPRICORN: Dec 21—Jan 20
Whatever they’re saying behind your back will cost them more than it costs you. Don’t be concerned. You can be sure that the only ones who are listening are the ones who see it that way to begin with. Your truer friends are always there for you.

AQUARIUS: Jan 21—Feb 20
Being taken for granted has been an issue. It seems as if people expect you to be there for them no matter what. You wouldn’t mind but it’s been a while since anyone returned the favor, and you’ve had enough of being the one who cares.

PISCES: Febr 21—Mar 20
Too many things are eating away at your sense of certainty for you to be sure how you feel. The brunt of it seems to be coming from circumstantial interference, and the rest of it is coming from other people and their choices. How those things affect you will depend upon what you’re willing to accept.

ARIES: Mar 21—Apr 20
You have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that you might not be right about everything. Between people who seem like they’re exactly what you need and others who’ve arrived to tell you a thing or two, you’re a little confused.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 3, 2013.