Tina Fey turns 43 on Saturday. The comedy writer and performer shot to fame as head writer and Weekend Update host on Saturday Night Live, then won multiple Emmys for her sitcom 30 Rock. She has long been a vocal supporter of gay rights.


TAURUS: April 21—May 20
You have a pile of abandonment issues that make it hard for you to be OK with being alone. Underneath that, you are totally strong and self-sustaining. You don’t need anyone or anything to remind you of your worth. Letting go of whomever or whatever is no longer part of the picture is a theme for many of you.

GEMINI: May 21—Jun 20
All manner of stuff is popping up and you are learning how to roll with the punches. Some of it is on the hard edge of experience, so much so that the last few months have turned out to be one long period of coming to terms with life’s harsher truths.

CANCER: Jun 21—Jul 20
You’ve become a clearinghouse for others’ shit. Between your friends and the people you work for, you seem to be the one who’s holding the whole thing together. You’re either getting sucked dry, or you’re smart enough to know that you have to give yourself whatever you need in order to keep up with it all.

LEO: Jul 21—Aug 20
How you’re going to work your way through this one is hard to figure. Nothing is impossible. Most of the time it’s just a question of knowing you can do it. Other things take the edge off.

VIRGO: Aug 21—Sep 20
You’ve got a lot of confusing relationship issues that are testing your ability to stay clear about who you are. The tendency to rush in and play savior, healer or therapist must be monitored. There is a fine line between co-dependence and real help.

LIBRA: Sep 21—Oct 20
The last few years would have been enough, but geez! It’s one thing after another. The burning question of the day is: “How is it all going to turn out?” The answer is held in the way you move through this lesson.

SCORPIO: Oct 21—Nov 20
So much is about to come to a head, you’d be wise to steady yourself internally, just enough to be able to catch all of the stuff that’s rolling in with the tide. If it’s your custom to hide out and be private, get ready for a little more public exposure, and keep your shit detector on.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov 21—Dec 20
It’s time to step out of the box, or the phone booth, or whatever confines you. This is feeling more or less freaky. Those of you who have been hiding out, under the illusion that you are less than who you are, are finally ready to outgrow your limits.

CAPRICORN: Dec 21— Jan 20
The last few weeks have allowed you to get your bearings. You had no idea how far off the track things had gotten. Too much of other people and their stuff has made it easy for you to misplace your sense of direction.

AQUARIUS: Jan 21—Feb 20
You’ve been working too hard to notice that your emotional needs have fallen through the cracks. Months of this have made it clear that it’s time to get a life. At the point where duty and responsibility goes over the top, there is an opening that allows us to see what we really need. You’re just about there.

PISCES: Feb 21—Mar 20
You have such an open soul it’s easy for you to get sucked in by people and things that take you for granted. At times you get taken for a ride. I don’t know what’s going on right now, but it would behoove you to pay attention to the company you keep.

ARIES: Mar 21—Apr 20
You have more support than you’ve had in a long time. If it feels a little weird it’s because you’re so totally self-sufficient, it never occurred to you that you needed any!

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 17, 2013.