Anne Heche turns 44 on Saturday. The perky blonde actress was a budding movie star when she came out as Ellen DeGeneres’ lover, but her star waned, she split from Ellen, had a bout with mental illness, then came out as straight again, coining the term “hasbian” in the process.


TAURUS: April 21—May 20
Before you can get clear of the past you will have to make peace with it. The pull to fill the void with something new is understandable — but there won’t be room for that until you process a few issues and get in touch with who you are now.

GEMINI: May 21—Jun 20
It’s a good thing there are people like you around, because you seem to be the one helping everyone else make the best of it. On some level you are probably ready to snap, but your angels are here to keep you from flipping out.

CANCER: Jun 21—Jul 20
You will notice that your energy rises to every occasion when you treat yourself well. Getting better at it will allow you to do more with less. Wait and see; within a month or two all your hard work and dedication will pay off.

LEO: Jul 21—Aug 20
What seems to be going on is a lot of old stuff is going out the door so that a lot of good, new experiences can come in and take you to the next level. The key to all of it is lies in letting go of the need to control it.

VIRGO: Aug 21—Sep 20
You can stay in this situation as long as you don’t lose yourself to it. There is so much happening in your outer reality, and so much promise bubbling up from within, the last thing you need is to have 80 percent of your energy siphoned off!

LIBRA: Sep 21—Oct 20
Dig around in the corners of your mind to see what it will take to straighten things out. The need for change could be long overdue, but it’s never too late. Your best hope for getting this to work involve coming to terms with the truth.

SCORPIO: Oct 21—Nov 20
Saturn’s on your tail and he’s not one to suffer fools. The only thing that matters now is; have you learned your lessons and have you been able to be to yourself? With those bases covered you can be sure that all of your efforts will be honored with the success and recognition that they deserve.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov 21—Dec 20
What’s going on may require you to relocate. It could also call you to rearrange all of your primary emotional responses. Finding the faith to make changes upon which everything hinges is where it’s at for you right now.

CAPRICORN: Dec 21— Jan 20
A little R&R is well advised, even if all it comes down to is one day off. Before you re-engage, take a good long look at what it is that you want and need out of this. This is one time when it’s totally OK to say ‘No’ to anyone who keeps expecting you to keep putting yourself out.

AQUARIUS: Jan 21—Feb 20
None of what’s become too important is as big as you’ve made it. Loosening your attachments and getting far enough away from the fray to make room for a little life to trickle in will make it easier to put all of this pressure into perspective.

PISCES: Feb 21—Mar 20
The susceptibility factor is high on your part. This is complicated by the fact that others have included you in an agenda that could easily explode before you realize that it’s your problem too. Open your eyes.

ARIES: Mar 21—Apr 20
All of your upcoming choices need to be weighed against the fact that your Spirit is changing too fast for you to be making plans or final decisions about anything.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 24, 2013.